Since I got my new guitar my Epi LP Special II hasn't been touched so I figured I'd mess around with it, more as practice with refinishing and soldering than anything else. The only thing actually wrong with it was a broken tuner. So I sanded it down and gave it a second cutaway. I was expecting a plain slab of basswood but instead got some dark open grained monster.

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I have no idea what it is, looks more like mahogany than anything else.

So this isn't just a what wood is this thread:
1. Anyone used GFS Power Rails? I'm considering putting some in.
2. How are GFS tuners? I've heard they're pretty good.
3. Any ideas on what color to pant it? I'm thinking dark red with a black stripe that wraps around and goes up the back.
4. Also, while I doubt I'll get one for the Epi, how is the Bigsby B70, I've always wanted to try one?
That actuallly looks like a really nice piece of mahogany. Good find,

Now, as to your questions

1) I haven't tried them, but have heard VERY good things about them. Just remember that they're still budget pups, so they're not going to be epically amazing.

2) GFS hardware doesn't exactly have the best rep around here. If they're the locking tuners, I don't see why they wouldn't be any good.

3) Dark Green with a white racing stripe. You know you want to.

4) Bigsbys are good for light vibrato. A "flutter" is what you'll get at most, but they look cool and really are good for adding in a bit of flavour to your playing. I'd look into the B70/700 as they're both licensed versions, meaning the price'd be lower.
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^ I meant B70 I thought the B7 was the licensed one.

I thought it was mahogany, thanks for the confirmation. Didn't consider green and white, that would actually be badass.
The Bx (when x is a single digit) are the originals. There's not really a lot to modify for an L-Bigsby, so they're all pretty comparable in terms of quality. The B70 or the B700 are pretty much the same.
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.