Was just looking for some opinions on how to set up my rack gear.

Ive never had any rack equip. so any feedback will help.

I have a BBE Sonic Maximizer. In the mail is a DBX 215 eq, and a Furman Power Conditioner.

Also I plan to get a nice rackmount noise supressor and a tuner.

I understand the order of each item may make a difference.

What would be the best way to set this up???

Ive heard the BBE is going to be pointless after I get the EQ, but im going to try both.

Right now I only have the BBE running through the effects loop of my Peavey 6505+.

But when I hook everything up is there a specific order i should loop everything?

Also Have a tube screamer pedal which I might use for a solo boost if it sounds good.

Please help!!!!!!
I know squat about racks but I'll to help.

Also post in the Big Rack Amp Thread which is is the Sticky: Banned threads and a list of good ones.

I would think you would set this up similar to how you would a pedal chain.

Power conditioner obviously sits between power supply and power amp (or 6505).
Sonic Max
Noise surpress

(The Sonic Maximizer is not really an EQ, I don't think - but I do know they go after EQs to 'organize' your frequencies)

So, guitar > Tubescreamer > amp out > rack > amp in
guitar > Tubescreamer > rack > amp input