Hey guys, so I got an epi goth sg for a decent price, and it's one solid SG! Anyways, I bought to customize it, so I need some ideas.

I was thinking bout putting a white full pickguard on it, but man, white pickguards really look crappy on SG's.

So I was thinking about making it an SG junior. I found a nice abalone pickguard for it on ebay. I'm guessing if i take out the neck pickup, I could just put the pickguard over it, since it'll cover the pickup cavity anyway, right? I'd just have to drill some holes in it.

However, I'm not quite familiar with the SG Junior and all, so I'm just checking so i don't waste any money.

So would putting an SG Junior pickguard over my Goth SG work fine hardware-wise? Also, any other suggestions to liven up my SG? I'm always open to alternatives.
you could put a pair of gibson dirty fingers on it and get some locking tuners.it depends on what kind of music you're playing
why dont you put a matte silver paint on it with a black pickguard
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