I have an old Squier Stratocaster that was my first guitar. It's crap (by crap, I mean the pickups suck, it's buzzy in amps, and has cheap tuners) now compared to main main Schecter guitar but I've been thinking about decking it out recently. I'm not sure if it's a worthwhile investment though.
Here is the Squier I am talking about minus the tremolo bar (mine is discontinued but is blue without a tremolo bar):

I was considering buying this to replace the cheap, crap pickups and pick gaurd:

And of course new Grover tuners:

And a brand new tremolo bridge:

Let me say before I go on, I haven't researched this whole thing, it's just an idea that popped into my head. If I were to go on with this, I would research the proper parts more. For example, the tuners and tremolo bridge, I'm not sure if those can even be installed on my Squier.
Back to the main point. The whole thing is... is this a worthwhile investment to restore a cheap Squier with? The neck and body are in great shape and it tunes fine. Also, I've been wanting to get a new sound without disecting my Schecter and I don't have the bucks to drop on a new guitar. I figured, why don't I customize one I already have? I have talked with people about restoring it before and they told me the wood the guitar is made out of isn't that good. The sound wouldn't be as good. Not sure how true that is, though.

I would learn something, have some fun with it, and get to play my original guitar again. I just don't know if it's worth the cash though. Just for the price EMG pickup setup with the pick gaurd, I can buy a brand new Fender Strat! Thoughts anyone?
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With the money you're dropping on that stuff, you could save like $200 more and buy a new guitar that's much better than whatever the hell you're trying to do.

Also, when upgrading guitars, there's really no point in upgrading anything if its less than $500 (at the very least, personally I would not upgrade that unless I had a lot of cash to spare). No matter how much you change the electronics and the hardware, the only important thing in a guitar itself is the neck, wood quality, and the body (aka the wood quality).

Its like using a body kit on a really really crappy car. It might look nice, and there might be very subtle improvements, but if the engine is crap, the whole car is crap (imagining that the engine is not replaceable... ok this wasn't a good analogy).

But yeah if the neck and wood quality is good (which, on a Squire, its not), go ahead.
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It won't raise the re sale value, and if you mess up pickups it's kinda not worth it at all. Also I belive keep it the way it is, it's fun to relive your past and tear through the fretboard of a past crap guitar, I still do lol
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