So I know I'm going to walk away from this thread with my head down and the only answers being "Save up a lot more" but I figure it's worth a shot anyway.

I need a microphone for recording vocals and/or acoustic guitar. But I'm horribly broke. But I just record my own personal stuff in my room, so I don't need anything incredibly fancy. Just something that'll get the job done with decent quality. I remember a while ago someone had suggested a Behringer (The XM8500) which was $20 but it's now $30, but they said it was a pretty good mic. But I figured I'd ask again. So does anyone have any suggestions for mics that are in that price range?
Behringer is a good brand, pretty cheap but good quality. Great for starters or experianced musicians. If you're looking for low in price, you can look at Nady brand, but the quality will be equal to the price there. However, for a good starter vocal mic, you can go with the Shure C606N(http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Shure-C606N-Vocal-Mic-with-14-Connector?sku=270398) $20, Shure is one of the top brands in mics. THough this mic is used mostly for karaoke, lots of recording artists on a budget have been turning to it, and they love the quality. The main beef about it is handling noise, which is easily solved with a mic stand of course. Hope that helps. If you need any more suggestions, let me know. I'll be happy to help you find the perfect mic. Good luck!