hey guys, im from india where good guitars and gear is brutally expensive. i've got a frnd comin back from the US in a couple of months. i have around $900 to spend and im lookin to get a guitar and a couple pedals if possible. i play in a band with influences from pearl jam to switchfoot and incubus. i've considered the following options

option 1: gibson les paul studio (faded finish) which is read is bout $800 but i heard it sounds very diff from the usual LP studios.

option 2:gibson les paul studio (used) which is around the same price but since i cant play it and nor does my frnd ,whos gettin it for me, have any knowledge bout guitars, i dunno if this is a wise choice as i cant tell wat condition it mite be in.

option 3: this is crazy but i read that the PRS tremonti se is a freakin brilliant guitar for $500 and its almost as good as a LP studio. this also gives me lots of spare cash to upgrade to the PRS mark tremonti bass and treble pickups and pick up a few pedals.

im only asking coz i cant play these guitars before choosing. all i can do is check out youtube reviews and get ur opinions. help me out!
Skip the Gibsons.

The Studios are, without question, great guitars, and they do sound somewhat different from a standard.

They tend to be a little darker, warmer.

But they're kind of one-trick ponies, IMHO, and those prices are a bit steep.

I would go with the SE:

1. Significantly cheaper, leaving $ for your upgrades, that way it can be a little more specced to your liking

2. Although quality is kind of all over the map (I had one for a while, and it was excellent, but I seen ugly ones), the money you save could go to a thorough set-up, assuming you can find a good tech.

3. They're very versatile, particularly with a pickup change, giving you some more tonal options without having to spring for another guitar.

Just my 2 cents!
help me out guys. ill be using the guitar for a long time so i dunno if i should go with the PRS SE and upgrade pickups or get a LP studio...
Go with the PRS, I tried it and liked it, to be honest low end Gibsons aren't as good as high end Epiphones
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