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Depends on your school. Are they strict?
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You shouldn't hit your drummers. You're supposed to be nice to them, or they'll be scared of you.
They may not approve, but if you don't get in their face about it, I doubt they'll make you change or anything.
They'd have you arrested for wearing a shirt that bad.
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i doubt they would make a big deal about it. bring a hoody just incase

That's what I was gonna do.
Ah, I'm sure that shirt won't get you in trouble. At the school I go to, things like that are okay, but it can't have racism, vulgar comments, (and "All Shall Perish": Just tell whomever asks that it's a band), and sex, etc.

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the shirt looks crap, but I don't think they'd be that bothered because there isn't any actual killing
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Is this like a dare or something? Cuz that is one ugly shirt...
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Sick ASP and i wear a whitechapel shirt to school and its got a guy tied in chains..And nobody gave a **** so i say go for it.
I'd what I would do with that is wear it under another open shirt. that way if anyone gives you static you just button up. Thats what I did with my cheech and chong shirt but nobody really cared.
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It costs like ten dollars a gram
buy it, wear it to school, if they don't like it you get sent home for the day. either you have a shirt or you dont go to school its a win win situation
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The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

Can't even read what the hell it says without leaning into it and squinting. Your school administration will just think that you vomited on a black shirt. Should be alright.
I once got kicked out of my Christian school's library for wearing an explicit Dimmu Borgir shirt. Fuck yeah, puberty.
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I wore a sex pistols shirt to school the other day and they made me turn it inside out..
but my school is really strict so I doubt they'll care.
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who gives a **** your a metalhead, they can screw themselfs \m/


If your that metal why should you care what they say? Just wear the **** out of it.

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looks of my friends wore the kill 'em all album shirt. with the blood and all on it. no problems...

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Depends on your school. Are they strict?

words right out of my mouth. My highschool didn't care at alll, i would wear my Behemoth shirt, which was quite graphic, cannibal corpse, one guy wore his Scars of the Crucifix Deicide shrt, which is extremely offensive lol, and also I wore my Bart Marley tshirt all the time, which clearly depicted a rastafarian Bart Simpson smoking a rather large doobie

so yeah, it all depends. That shirt would have been kosher at my school. In fact, apart from one time, i've never seen a kid at my old highschool have to change what they were wearing or get sent home for it, ever. One time though, one of my friends was wearing a bullet belt, and they told her she couldnt wear it for some reason lol, i though tht was bogus
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If you have to ask, it probably is.

nah, little weiner kids feel the need to ask approval for anything thats even moderately naughty, because they want to start a stir

trust me, I teach kids' karate, i should know
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Oh, hello mister tracer! Lets dance!
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And we all poop in the sandwiches!

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No one's going to complain against a shirt they can't even read.

So, probably not.
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who gives a **** your a metalhead, they can screw themselfs \m/

Really? He listens to All Shall Perish, Veil of Maya, and all of that other scene crap, he is not a metalhead, we have more class than that. I wore a suit and tie to school everyday.
In all seriousness though, it depends on your school, I wore a Goatw-hore shirt that said, "Stay sick, stay fvck, hail satan." on the back and I had to take it off, probably because the profanity; but I doubt your school will say anything.
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I wouldnt wear that shirt if I got paid.

my school wouldnt care though.
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It might be innapropriate if somebody was muredered with a chainsaw on your school. If not, I don't see the problem.
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