i recently discovered a new left handed guitar on musiciansfriend.com. its a g&l tribute legacy (stratocaster style) it has a really nice non locking trem and a volume, treble and bass controls onboard. i was wondering if it would be a smart investment compared to the Ibanez RG5EX1
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G and L imo are typically better guitars than ibanez but if your a hendrix fan like your pic shows your absolute best bet would be a strat but idk if you already have one or not/
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YESSS!!! get the Tribute! I used to have one a few years back. I sold it .... I still miss it to this day. It was the biggest mistake I've made. I've heard that they have some lemons, but mine played and sounded perfect. Don't hesitate... Get that guitar right now!!!

I may have to buy another.
alright then thnx everone, i do play a fair bit of hendrix but i play mostly metal, (maiden, metallica, megadeth, mastodon, tool, etc.) and some queen and blues.
Don't steal.
The government hates competition.