Dead By Sunrise - is Chester Bennington of Link Park's new side project.
I didn't see a thread on the band, so I thought I would create one.
What do you guys think of Dead By Sunrise?
It's to bright in here, I can't hear you!
Im going to see them perform live at the Ulalume festival... Paramore and AFI are also playing so Im pretty excited
When I saw LP at Sonisphere Dead By Sunrise did part of the encore and they were reeeeeally mediocre.
That song of theirs is okay, it sounds like your standard modern rock with CB's vocals.

I actually used the phrase 'dead by sunrise' the other day in a completely different context and didn't realise. Ho ho ho.
This isn't coincidence
there's no such
i heard one of their songs on kerrang and i was just listening to it and thought another linkin park wanna be then saw the lead singer and took it back good ole chester
but listening to out of ashes now like what i hear
"Let Down" was quite good, but that was years and years ago. I haven't heard about them in forever. Are they putting out an album someday?

EDIT: I just looked all of this up and MY GOD THEIR SINGLE (Crawl Back In) is the worst instance of post-grunge watered-down-for-radio shiny-soulless-production shit I've ever heard.
The new, polished version of "Let Down" is infintely inferior to the original... I'm going to go find the old one again quickly before it gets too difficult to find.
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