so ive been playing about 3.5 years and my only amp is a vypyr 30. at school i use a fender deluxe reverb II. i use a schecter c-1 elite and an ibanez acoustic electric. i also have a strat knockoff but barely use it. ive got about 225 saved up so far and my goal is to spend under 400 bucks on a used tube amp. i play everything, blues, metal, 80's rock, jazz, classical, acoustic stuff, and everything in between.i want an amp with great sound that can do everthing with only a few pedals. i'd also like a nice spring reverb. So, are there any kind of amps that i can expect to get around this price range?

the peavey doing decent but i want that true tube warmth.
if you go used you have a little more options,
or if youre willing to sell your vypyr you can add a little more to your spending cash
peavey vypyr 30
yamaha starter guitar
Agile AL-2000 Tribal Blue


A God Has Fallen,
R.I.P. Dio!

why Scorpions Why!?!
Tiny Terror, Night Train, Blues Junior, AC15, Blackstar HT5, B-52 AT112 ^, Bugeras,

All of those you could probably buy new, assuming you are in the US.
The Peavey vtm, xxx 40watter combo, and ultra combo could do it all without pedals, except that the vtm might need an od for really gainy stuff.

The crate v15/16 and v30/32, easily found, can definitely tackle everything up to 80s rock, and can do thrash (no super heavy stuff) with an overdrive, and they take distortion pedals well if you need something heavier.

If you want to try your hand at modding, the crate v18, v33, and v50 are all prime candidates and, when modded, sound great. If you can solder, the mods are very straightforward and aren't expensive in the least ($20 or so unless you want to replace the speakers).