zvex fuzz factory, fulltone distortion pro, akai head rush 2 loop, artec speedy trigger noise gate, behringer chromatic tuner, and a wah pedal

how much would that cost if i bought it all from Clist

EDIT: is it worth MORE than $350-400 used? cause thats what im buying it for basically
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im double posting, even tho im not supposed to

what else do i need to post for u guys to answer?..or do u just not know?
Don't double post and don't get you're panties in a twist went you don't get an answer after seventeen minutes.

...and yes, it would cost more than $300-450. You know the saying "If you have to ask, you can't afford it"? Yeah...
I got my Fulltone DP 1 for 135$ on Clist, so you should be able to grab for like 120-150$
The fuzz factory should go in that range too (I'm talking about the vexter one here)
For the wah, it depends wich one your talking about
I have no idea about the other pedals.
lol.well its not that, its im trading my fender strat for it + some cash

i was selling the fender strat for $350, and i kinda thought the pedals were more than that..i just needed a confirmation
Sounds like a good trade to me.
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niceness, i also got him to throw in a wooden pedalboard (idk how much that is, probably crap, but whatever) and a 6 pedal power supply + some cables

and $120..definately dealness!!!

lol..wait..nvm then?.. he just realized how much he was giving...
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artec speedy trigger noise gate, behringer chromatic tuner, fulltone distortion pro, wooden pedal board, a 6 pedal power supply