i bought a SD JB for the bridge and a SD jazz for the neck
is this wiring diagram the right one for my guitar


ibanez szr720 is my guitar here

ive never installed pickups so is there anything i need to know that might not be in the very bland instructions ive received? thanks

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All you have to do is solder it. Pickup changes are among the easiest wiring and soldering you can do. You should most definitely be fine.
I you've never soldered before or aren't confident in it just practice soldering pieces of wire together.

really though a pickup change shouldn't be hard at all.
yea im just gettin as much info before i start, my dad used to be an electrician (stilll knows everything) and has a shop with tools and stuff out the a** so ima get him to help haha, but it really doesnt look hard
i LOVE taylor swift...oyes in a creepy way
Seymour Duncan wiring diagrams won't help you one bit. Your szr720 uses a special switch.

Go here: The GB&C Central Hub
Find the link for the Guitar Wiring Thread.
Take the link. Post on that thread.

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just did thanks, aw so its gonna be harder or just different for my guitar
i LOVE taylor swift...oyes in a creepy way
If your dad's an electrician just get him to do it; he's bound to know how to use a soldering iron.