Alright so I'm pretty new to building, customizing guitars. I'm looking for a cheap guitar just to experiment with. I already know how to do a pickup swap, and a full setup. I'm looking to practice refretting a guitar, but the only guitars I own arn't cheap.

Any ideas of what CHEAP guitar would be good to practice customizing?
Any strat or les paul copy... =/
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get a rondo.
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Look into "Project" guitars, necks, and parts on Ebay. Bringing an old guitar back from the dead can be rewarding. My favorite archtop's restoration cost less than $300.00 total. Good luck.
Go to rondo, man. A strat to mess with for 80 bucks? awesome ****.
Also, I've found that a lot of the stuff from Rondo is stuff that another company would sell for a ****load more. It's worth the money about 99 percent of the time.
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