I always loved to see you smile
I always loved to see you dance
Just come back here now baby
And give us one last chance

You always made people happy
You never hurt no-one
We want you to be here always
But God wants you to move on

And so, I sit here and write this song
From the heart and from the soul
For the girl who changed my life
And helped me deal with all

I never met a better person
Funny, happy, energetic
Whenever I was near you
I never felt pathetic

You knew how to make us all strong
You knew how to give us all spirit
Your love will grow and live on
For God needs us to spread it

God made many beautiful things
And of these I ponder
You were one of the prettiest
Butterflies of his magical wonders.

Put it in a bubble and blow it away.
I didn't really find the ''enchant'' in the 2rd and 3rd verses, you concluded this song with 3 awsome verses. The rest of the verses are good.