this is written for an indy/alternative/punk band that i'm in

its hard, hard to speak
without any lips
its hard, hard to think, when your heads in your chest
break two ribs and tear of the rest
eve didn't need them anyways
pull the sky away from my eyes
tear the clouds away, so i can stare at the sunrise

you can tame a tree, you can conquer the sea
you can tame yourself, or be the tamee
you can tame yourself and be the tamee
you can sell yourself, the price is free
you can tame yourself and be the tamee

you cant whip the consious, his mind has been strangled
you can play with thoughts, all the morals are mangled

that's all i have so far.
Quote by herby190
When I saw that, I thought of musical notes.... my elementary school teachers taught them as "tee-tees" "ta-tas" and a bunch of other nonsense....
I really really like this
I can see the tune to it as well.
I can't really think of any improvements.
PM me when its finished?
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