the blues rock part is good, burn whatever that was that precedes it though.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I'm going to venture a guess, rude as it may be, and say that you wrote this in Guitar Pro, not on a guitar. This is an assumption, but you probably are not capable of playing 32nd notes at 120 bpm, a solid 16 notes per second.
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I didn't enjoy the intro riff on the electric guitar. I thought it lacked quality and "groove". Everything else was catchy and I quite enjoyed it.

Is your band capable of performing the riff on bar 42? Hmm..
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so much hate XD

yes i can play it all. i don't write stuff on guitar pro, but guitar first.

i'm not a blues rock writer at all, i'm all metal but i was attempting to take a gander at writing something blues-ish but i'm going to guess that i should stick to metal
wait what