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I might be posting in the wrong section and this post may already exist but I am going to ask anyways since I am new to the site. I just bought a new line 6, 75 watt spider 4 amp. I am trying to learn the as I lay dying: darkest nights song and was checking out the presets for this band, however, the presets dont sound close enough to the song. I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or amp settings that can help?

Are you tuned correctly for AILD? Iirc they use Drop C, maybe C standard?

All the presets I ever tried on a spider were hopeless, nothing like who they were supposed to sound like, so tbh, you're probably better off attempting to dial the tone yourself in a non-preset mode.
yea, aild plays in drop C, or drop c#, not sure which. depends on song maybe. when u look at tabs it should say what tuning. and if it still doesnt sound good (and since its a spider, chances r it wont). not to jump on the bandwagon, spiders will sound, well, "okay" if u EQ it right. just try not to use the "Metal" settings. well its a spider IV so idk how its settings work and i dont feel like researching it. try mid-gain, treb at 3 oclock, bass at 2 oclock, and mid at like 12 or 11 oclock. the presets usually arent correct.

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Yes, I am in drop c (CGCFAD) just as the tabs say. It might just be the effects on the amp. I am not sure exactly what they use.
Take the preset and mess with the EQ until you get the sound you want. The Spider is a poor modeling amp, however. You probably won't get a particularly good tone from it in any situation.