I need help Ug Ive been playing guitar for a bout a year and i am pretty good i guess i have learned many metal songs
I just haven't ;learned the solos to most of them i need some help on what to learn. Heres the list of solos i already can play { i really need help on the techniques} Sweating bullets-- megadeth
Santeria-- Sublime
fade to black !st two-- metallica
One-- first 2
scream aim fire-- Bfmv

Brandon Sosebee
You are better of learning scales and techniques. Then when you grasp them you can practise them with solos from songs.
Learn the pentatonic scale.

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the solo to teen spirit is amazing good for technique

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Two DVDs that will benefit you immensely in the long term:

John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
Frank Gambale - Chopbuilder

Get these, work through them, and you'll be able to pull off all the crazy solos your heart desires.