its an ibanez gio i know that much

i was at an instrument rental place (they sell stuff to but specalize in rentals for the schools) where i take guitar lessons and saw it but when i asked even the owner said he doesn't know what model it is

this is as much as i can remember about it

it has an more of an ibanez s series body shape than an RG series

it was an HH set up with a 3 way toggle switch more towards the bottom of the guitar

the headstock looked like a schecter headstock but skinner

it had a bound rosewood fretboard, 22 frets and a bolt-on neck

it could have been a few years old and they were asking a little over $200

and if you can respond with pictures of the guitar you think it might be then that would help me tell if you are right or not

it also had dot inlays and a hardtail bridge
2nd EDIT:
i cant find it on ibanez's website so its probably discontinued now
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pics would help US identify it.

the only thing i can think of is a GAX or SZR series.

if i had them i would post them but i don't so...
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.....you should get a camera

i have one but 1. y bring it to my guitar lesson and 2. im not going to be able to go there again for 2 weeks