So i looked in the "What to buy under 300" thread and the 3 guitars i landed on are:

Washburn D10s
Epiphone Hummingbird
Takamine G340SC

I cant decide on these guitars so i want to know which guitar is the best for the money?

EDIT: im going to guitar center to try them out, but the only problem is the washburn isnt at guitar center and it is the only guitar shop by me.
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i'd play them all but the takamine in my opinion would be my choice
the washburn doesn't have a solid top, so i wouldn't mess with it.

the seagull entourage s6 and the yamaha fg730s should probably be on your list. they're good quality guitars for the same price as the others - imo much better quality than the epiphone - and most guitar centers stock them. the yamaha has rosewood back and sides and a silvery tone. the s6 is always a good choice - i own an original s6 myself. i don't care for the lower priced taks, but some people like 'em. it's definitely worth giving 'em a listen.
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id take the takamine..in the long run you wont regret it...especialy since its got a cut away

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