So, I've been playing guitar for a bit over a year and have gotten most of the tricks of the trade down. but one technique always seems to elude me, and I still have trouble doing a bend + vibrato and making it sound clean (it just sounds like I'm making the bend go out of tune and warble around) It's something used in alot of the solos in the Ride the Lightning album by Metallica (specifically Trapped Under Ice which I'm trying to learn now). So does anybody have any tips/practices or anything that could help me figure out how to do this?
Haha, well it's not so much the bend that is messing with me as much as keeping the change in pitch from bending up AND at the same time giving it a bit of vibrato without it distorting horribly - does kirk use a whammy bar to do this or something?
No, it's all in fingers. Try to first play the note you want to get to, and then bend the note you go from.
To keep the bent vibrato steady, practice that separately. Also make sure you damp the unused strings with your palm and left hand finger flesh.
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using a tuner is good advice. I've been paying alot of attention to my bending and vibrato as well lately. I cant seem to nail some of the bends in black magic woman too well and its driving me nuts.
In addition to the other suggestions, try practicing the vibrato on the bend with heavier strings then you normally use. It'll help build up finger strength. Worked for me!
I'd have to say this is one of the trickiest guitar techniques to nail to where you have real confidence at it.

The method I use for practicing this is a variation of an exercise for regular bends. Pick a note (unbent) and apply vibrato to it (slow vibrato at first). Now go down 2 frets, and bend that note up to the pitch of the first and vibrato it. You are aiming to match the feel, rhythm and width of the vibrato you applied to the unbent note. The second note (once you've bent it up) should sound just like the first. It is a little tricky, so don't get discouraged when the vibratos don't match at first, just keep trying. Bend vibrato varies quite a bit in difficulty depending on where on the fretboard you are. To me, the easiest area to get it sounding good is around the 15th fret on the B string, so it would be a good idea to start around there.

I practice this exercise for 5 mins per day, and in a matter of weeks, my bend vibrato has improved quite a bit. Hope this helps.
buy lighter gage strings, i use 8's for E standard tuning and D standard, 10's for C standard
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That will help him only with gaining weak fingers and ****ty tone. The TS probably has a bit weak fingers (he played only for a year so that's ok) and he has to gain some strength, try bending on an acoustic guitar, and when applying vibrato try to bend to correct tune and then just slowly let the note go flat, get it back to original pitch and then get it a bit sharp and return it to correct pitch, practice that really slowly, let it feel like a bend with some small bends added when you get to correct pitch. Don't apply vibrato until you get to the desired pitch.
To the people advocating lighter strings and stuff: that's not a solution to his problem, it's just a shortcut.

TS: Do what se1020 says. This technique is real hard to do. Also, making sure you've got good intonation and are bang in tune will help with this. Nothing worse than trying to bend, say, an A, then going 12 frets higher and trying the same bend, only for it to sound rubbish because your intonation is all over the shop. Good luck!
I totally agree with se012101 advice. learning with a tuner would be much more cumbersome. if you learn by ear, it think it wil train you better overall.