Oh hey, pit.

Well my life has hit a rut. I graduated high school in '08. Had the best summer of my life, started community college last fall and it felt like summer never ended. I decided to stay at local community college to have some more fun with friends before transfering to a 4 year.

Well, my best mate's got a girlfriend now, which split up our entire group because none of us can stand them together. Haven't talked to my best friend in about two months, I lost my job at the pizza parlor last month, and now I spend most of my time going to school in a zombie-ish state, attempting in vain to meet cool people.

It's been this way for a month now. I usually have the radio on trying to keep me company, I bought a pet bird, but to be honest it really doesn't make up for the fact that I'm spending almost all my free time alone in my room, on the Pit, with the radio on; I shouldn't have free time, I should be working, but you know how that is these days.

What kind of set me off tonight is one of my ex-best friend is partying with my old aquaintances about two hours away, at a real college.

What are your techniques for retaining your sanity in these ruts?

inb4 cool story bro, I feel it.
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
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Weed helps.

Weed does help; but it's unwise, seeing as I would fail a drug test if I were offered a job.
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
inb4 fap.
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Monkey Ball Sack

Weed and other various substances.
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Write music about it, become famous. Then you'll have friends!


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"I bought a pet bird" I laughed so much at. Thank you.
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Whenever I start to feel lonely I remember that hell is other people. Then I throw on Louder Than Bombs, and the pain goes away.
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"I bought a pet bird" I laughed so much at. Thank you.

Hey, chewey is cool!

"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
Your sig would lead me to think you should try get hold of four-tenths of a gram of mescaline and sit down to wait for the results.
Evolution 101

Get down Moses - part another sea,
Carve another tablet out of L.S.D.
That bird is awesome.
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I am basically in the same situation. Graduated high school last year, at community college now, I only really have a few friends and work + college/homework requires a lot of my time. In addition the band I was in broke up, conveniently right before we were going to start shows and ****. I also lost my primary job a few months ago. Its a ****ing psychotic situation. Its not hard to get depressed. Hell, I just started drinking a little while ago to deal with things.

I can't offer much to make it easier, just know there are more people like you floating around.
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dude play music bro. just get a group of people who play drums, bass ect. and play music man. get some drugs too man they help. when i turn 18 im gonna get a band, get a hotel and just get stoned and play music and try to make it big. grateful dead style bro.
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I'm also in a similar situation. I'm in a new town and I know absolutely no one. I'm horrible at making friends, all my friends back home I have known for years. So I really never had any need to make friends. Now that I do have that need, it's not happening. ahhh sucks don't it?

I find going outside for a walk helps me get my mind off things. I know I'm not much help but
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I do the same thing as you except instead of radio I just listen to music on my computer.. Depressingly enough I'm only 15 and this is my life...
I go to pima community college and U of A.

CC's are way cheaper for the majority of classes I need lul.

Sucks for you bro. Try as much to make friends in CC. A lot of people there seem to be down to earth and they can still party. They could hook you up with jobs as well.

Imo CC students who are making an attempt to finish for a 4 year are a lot more non douchy to hang out with. People in a 4 year are cool too though lol.
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Thanks for the replies, pit.

Oh another thing; UG definitely helps.
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
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Imo CC students who are making an attempt to finish for a 4 year are a lot more non douchy to hang out with. People in a 4 year are cool too though lol.

Yeah, I just transferred to a uni after doing 2 years at a CC and there are so many more "douchey" kids at the uni. I thought it would be the other way around. I'm actually starting to miss my CC now.
Everyone goes through situations like these and sadly more than once. Try craigslists to see if anyone near you is down to jam or something.
Sounds a little like me. I'm about to finish CC. I made some friends in the beginning. Didn't really hang out with them. Hanged out more with my old friends from high school who I never hanged out at all with XD.

It is depressing though. What I realize here though is that most students here are gonna transfer to the uni in the area to save money on living expenses. You don't NEED to move out and live in a dorm to get a social life. It really depends on you
Hey SlinkyBlue, I went through the same thing for about a year. I also graduated High School in '08, but my life went downhill after that. I probably played guitar for no more than two weeks in an entire year. I couldn't pick it up because music didn't give me that buzz it used to.

I used to use alc and hard drugs to keep myself feeling the way I did a few years before- happy. Funny thing is though, weed always made me lose my mind so I had to use other drugs haha.

I've been getting better recently though. Like one poster said: family, books, and movies, helped me alot also. I also wrote alot of lyrics too.

Hope you get better! Sick bird by the way. And community college for the win! So many girls.
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Seems like alot of '08 graduates run into this... **** sucks, trust me I know.

It's been stated many times but; books, movies, writing.... stuff like that really helps. Your life will piece itself back together soon enough man. If mine did, then yours can
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Sucks man, difficult situation. I like that you've aready made efforts to help yourself. Maybe you could be focussing too much on deciding who's worth hanging out with at college, and who's not - relying on impressions. Often people have different sides to them and widening out in who you're willing to talk to might open up for you a few more friendships. That's not to say you definitely are doing that, just a suggestion.
Also, could you call up your old acquaintences, or family members to talk to when you're feeling lonely? Even if it's not your thing, talking on the phone could become something beneficial to you.