tight nigga. I like it more than the actual version. Haha

What kind of guitar is that?

the guitar is a davidson which ive never heard of..
and i know this because the guitar is mine

hence the cover in sig
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I don't like this rendition because I much prefer it in original the minor key instead of a major. with that said, I can see acoustic folky people liking your rendition of the song, but I personally find it too obscure as the lyrics dont match the chordal structure.

vocally you perform well, vocally you sound pretty stockstandard but there is nothing wrong with that as long as you can add more interest to the song with your vocal tonality, because right now you sound a bit bland as your facial muscles barely react, it kind of sounds like you don't have a personal interpretation of the lyrics... which made me think you could have been reading the lyrics or chords as you were singing... yes?

guitar playing is fine, you played it freely and loosely so i can't judge you on timing, but your chord changing seemed fine.

c4c please
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