I wrote this when I was pissed off that me and my friend don't talk much anymore because of a little argument. What do you guys think. It's not entirely finished yet.

I've woken up and I see the green light.
It begs me to stay but I can't move my legs.
I look and I try and I figure it out.
You can't hold a grudge to what you know nothing about.
My praise and my thoughts they don't let me feel.
The feeling of love and knowing I'm real.
All the **** that was said, theres two sides to this truth.
This pair of dice aint about to cut loose.
The time that we have, lets cherish it now.
Before you go and **** it to hell.
Scaling the red line and walking the blue.
No metaphor just quite rings the bell.
And I look at these white walls and they're far to clean.
It's been so long since we had a chance to be.
Be the grass in the field, the swing in the park.
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Wow! really great! Really resonates with me. Just a little short, but a good size for a hardcore song if thats what youre doing. Keep it up.
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[0:17] If my parents knew I was part of a group who celebrated christmas by drinking cough syrup they would probably cry

WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.
It would be either for a metal song or a punk song. Depending on what band I want to use them for. But nonetheless, thank you. I have like 10 songs in my book that I may write in from time to time depending on what mood I'm in.