I have a line 6 spider III 75. What would be the best amp model for bulls on parade? green metal? red metal? red insane? or what? Thanks in advance.
I'd suggest you just use your ear and work out which amp model/settings sound most like the guitar sound on Bulls on the Parade. If there's a certain section you can't get the right sound for, chances are it's due to Morello's use of effects.
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Yeah, on Bull's on parade, Morello uses his wah alot, not only for the main riff part, but for other riffs, he just has toe down (I think?!) and his wah is very special. And another thingis the morello uses single coils (sometimes), so that is part of his sound too.
But you can come decently close for some riffs in bulls on parade. Just try out different settings and see which are best to you.
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It's not the Insane for sure.

Morello doesn't use that much gain.
Try something like: green Metal setting, gain: 5-7, bass: 5, mid: 3, treble: 7

But you would also need a wah and a guitar with killswitch to play the whole song.
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