Not bad.
The intro riff sounds a bit awkward to me. Not sure why. The rest is pretty good.
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Intro sounds strange but I like it, it seems to be way little too long though.
Chord progression of the first riff is okay, but its a bit too boring.
the next break is too much of a change, it has to be properly set up with drums to work well.
The 6 bar-riff isn't complete. at least thats what most people will think when hearing this the first time.
the Bass break was a cool idea, I always like that but it had some flaws. Especially the tempo change came unexpected and thus irritated me.
The solo was also a bit strange, it had that typical structure of 4 bars picking notes, ending with a bend. Try to fresh it up a bit with legatos and different timings.
Bringing back the intro after the solo was cool, it fit in

Overall, the song was too repitive and a bit strange. I like it's dark atmopshere but its too boring and the riffs are nothing special.
dont want to be too harsh, but this song seems to be quite unfinished, it has a lot of room for different variations, thus 7/10

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wow! what an in depth answer!

and thanks thorbor, ill fix em up, and ill post it again when im done with it.
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