K so my washburn WI14 i got.. i think it's .11-.52 set of strings.. i unno the exact number but they good enough for drop B & drop A.. i have washburn standard pickups on it because this was my first guitar..

when ever i tune down to around drop C it starts to get really muddy and starts to drown out all the notes and all i can hear is bass... and it sounds horrible so bassicly i can't play anything below drop D as i use my schecter for that..

On the other hand my schecter sounds perfectly fine when i play it.. nice and clear. (i use .10-.46 along with EMG hz pickups)

Now just because i got a spider doesn't mean it's the spiders fault.. i've watched videos on youtube of people playing slipknot and stuff in droped tunings and it sounds perfectly fine.. so don't tell me to get a new amp or it sux ect ect..