I've onwed it one day and already putting in new pickups?

Actually that was the plan from the start anyway. Plus my b-day is coming up and I have nothing to with for...

The kind of tone I want is a blues and classic rock tone. That of Black Crowes, Jeff Beck in The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin I and Joe Bonamassa. Basically a tone with that classic Tele agressivness and spank, but being a bit fatter and more rock than country (I do not play any country) as I said. Something that is VERY important for me is dynamics and clairty. So I don't want really high gain pickups at all.

I live in Seden I might add. I'm looking at Bareknuckle, they aren't that expensive when getting a Tele set. I have a set of Mules (PAF copies) in my Les Paul and they are great. They have a lot of clairty, are clean enough to have dynamics, but can still deliver when you want to push the amp. They are kind of low output, 8,4 in bridge and 7,3 in neck. Definelty don't need something with more output than that! I was thinking the Blackguard, which is a Nocaster pickup or possibly a Yardbird pickup. What do you think?

That's about it I think
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Check out this site and listen to the sound samples. This company is starting to come up. I just ordered some Vintage for my strat. Harmony-Central has reviews on the pickups. Haven't seen any on here yet.

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I've not tried the tele pickups but I have a set in my strat and they're great. The tele pickups are relatively new to the site though and I think there's only 3 types available.

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He got the BKP yardbirds like a week ago.
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