well, my cousing is making a party and i got like 30 minutes to go
i need a costume, my another costume failed so i need something good and easy now
does anybody has any idea?
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****in right budday! grunge is the shiite!

didnt read ur post tho so dont know what im agreeing to.

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Good. More centaur pussy for me.

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God bless you GrungeBeatle

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You're another costume failed?

a friend was going to lend me a costume but he cant now
Do you have a flannel shirt? Bam Kurt cobain.

Ok no flannel shirt? Wear what you wore yesterday. Bam you the day before.

Ok not original enough? Go in what you're wearing and say you're the kid who didn't buy a costume because his parents are poor and beat him.

To harsh? wore some torn up jeans and roll a shirt in some mud. Hobo.
For the homecoming game, one of my friends dressed up in a whie trash bag and wrote 'Keokuk Busts Trojans' on it.

The Trojans were the team we were playing against :P
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Have you got black clothing? I thought so. Follow these instructions and go as a ninja.

Le_Bunny, you saved me
Your mother is easy and I'm pretty sure you'll be quick hey oh!!!! It's funny because I misinterpretted what you were asking for.
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pot + head = pothead

HELL NO i am doing this and you cant steal it!
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not hated
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a friend was going to lend me a costume but he cant now

Read that again.

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You're another costume failed?

You both fucked up.
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Dress up as a douche bag
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Thousands upon thousands of people yelling "IcyHot"...

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She looks like she has triforces in her eyes...

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*sigh* yet again, only on UG would somebody rush to their computer to tell the pit when their lives or property are in dire trouble.
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