I have so many ideas and things that i want to write about but when i start to write down lyrics all of it is just awful. I know ive always been better at righting stories so i started righting rap lyrics and i can get some phrases that are preety good but the rest are discusting. What can i do to help let the lyrics all together just sound better?
Most of the things i love writing about are political rather than topical and there is alot of things i see that i could start on but i just don't know how.

------How do I start on writing a political song? I have a decently sized vocabulary and love the idea of a rap vocal, how can I make it so my songs get a message across but still sound like a song?------
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You asses the political problem and take it where you wanna go with it, wherever that might lead(Raise Awareness, Suggest An Answer, blame the problem on the gov't etc...). Thats my two cents.
The only way to get better is just to practice. Just write write write write write. If you want some inspiration the band state radio has really good politically charged lyrics. Its not only about the clever lyrics but about the delivery of them. How does the music make the listener feel about those lyrics
political songs are the hardest to write
don't write in first person is a good tip
awful lyrics like "and it makes me cry to see people die" can be totally avoided by using that rule
the way i would go about writing a political song is thinking of a topic, and coming up with an example of it... i.e instead of writing about the holocaust, write about a jewish kid in a concentration camp
that way your personalising the story, and your not telling the listener what to think about the issue