Does anybody else start to breath heavy when they listen to music?

I could be listening to Machine Head and doing nothing but I start to breath heavy. It feels as if somebody was pumping air into my lungs and it has no place to escape. As soon as the song is over my heart rate goes down.
synesthesia affecting the breathing mechanism?

edit: seeing colors is normal but i dont think it would affect anything else.
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actually i clench my teeth both when listening and playing music, i dunno why
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not hated
idk about that. but when i listen to music in the morning before school. i always zone out and like. concentrate on the music yaknow?
and my friends are always like.
"whats wrong? you look so sad. youre depressed arent you?"
like. really? ive told you a thousand times. im just listening to music XD

although its nice of them to be concerned i guess?
If I do this, then I am not aware of it. I can see how one would be affected by music in such a fashion, though. I usually just drift off in to a daydream, so I'm not 100% sure what my physical body is doing.
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I find myself breathing shallow when engaged in listening to music...

Does it hurt in your chest? That might be what Im experiencing and its annoying.

synesthesia affecting the breathing mechanism?

This is interesting although I cant find a parallel between music and colors. I could be missing something though.
that just means you are feeling the music

which is a good thing
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I move away from the mic to breathe in.

No actually TS, no I do not breathe heavily whilst listening to music.
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I do. This is why people like music while ther'ye working out. I dont really breathe heavily, but I get pumped up.
I find that often after either listening to music or performing, I'll have a toothache. I don't realize it at the time but people have informed me that I grind my teeth (well, more like biting them down) in time to the music. I think on occasion I breath in time to the music as well.

Another useful skill to have that's semi-related to this topic is to be able to run to songs in a polyrhythmic fashion. For instance if a song is in 4/4 and is too fast/too slow to step to the on beats, I'll step to triplets or every third eighth or sixteenth note, and not have to worry about stepping completely out of time and ruining my integrity. Musicianship has it's benefits.