OK so I know this has been raised before, but I have not been able to find any answers that are super duper clear to me.

So first allow me to list the actual equipment I have at my disposal before I get into my request for help, so you know what I am dealing with.

6 stompboxes (various Boss, EHX, MXR)
1 Boss GT-8 Multieffects unit
1 Crate G-250 amp (I need a new one lol)
1 old school Unidyne B mic (predecessor to the SM57, I may replace it soon with an actual sm57)
1 1982 Ibanez guitar (irrelevant to my question this time)

Equipment I plan to acquire ASAP:
1 Mackie(or other) 12 channel mixer (not sure yet what kind)
Some microphones (for various purposes, some for vocal some for insturment)
a keyboard synth (korg m3 etc)

So here is what I would like to do:

I am trying to figure out how I can record vocals and drums etc (things that aren't guitar) by passing them through effects pedals for some odd sounds (ex. snare drum through a distortion or vocals through a chorus/fuzz). I have no idea what to do!!!!

I have heard about reamping and things like that, but I am looking for a cheaper method. Would it be possible to send a signal like vocal or drum through mics, into a mixer, and have effects hooked up on the output loop thats going to the computer?

So Example of a signal: SM58 > Mixer via XLR > out of mixer via 1/4 jack> stombox > computer (through...... no idea, I need help here).

Yes I am a noob, but a little push in the right direction would be great!! thanks!

I am looking to do some wacky Trent Reznor type stuff (if that gives you an idea), and will most likely incorporate a lot of synth stuff, maybe some fruity loops tracks along with live recordings, etc.

Thank you in advance!!! (Please use simple terminology since I am noobish!).