i know that people spilt the tracks for rock band songs. is there a website that has the songs split by guitar track, vocal track, etc... ? i am trying to do some remixes.
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I think they get the master tracks from the companies.

yeah i know but people split them and put them out there and i have no luck

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absolute fail attempt. that doesnt even fit into this situation unless you are retarded.
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You said you would stop!

Anyways, the only one I know of is Prequel to the Sequel, which I know you already know of.
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I believe you are looking for master tracks? Google it, some are incredibly easy to find.

yess. i wasent sure on the term to use to google it. thanks
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by each individual instrument? no
however there are instrumentals/acapellas of some albums
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I believe vocals and drums are on the same track I think which is a hassle


Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Drums are all split.

Then there's another track where everything else goes.

On FoF, they put the Vox with the other one called song.

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I had the Metallica track pack from the FoF site and the drums and Vox werent split hence why I said what I said