I was wondering what amp out of the two that I suggest would be better for a Kings of Leon type of sound. I'm looking for tone similar to the tone they had during the Aha Shake Heartbreak and Because of the Times albums. The two amps I was thinking about would be: Fender Blues Jr. with an overdrive pedal and a Peavey Classic 30. Which do you think will help me achieve the sound I'm looking for. If it means anything I am using a Epiphone Sheration II.
They use Ampeg and Matchless amps (right now, not sure about during Aha Shake). But I think both of those would be good choices, I think the Peavey Classic has a bit more gain on tap so I'd go with that.

Edit: You have very good taste by the way!
for anything not metal, the Classic 30 is the way to go. very versatile amp. should get you just the tone you're looking for.

i'm in the market for one myself...
I love KoL!
I think the Classic 30 would be the best choice, but you could also look into the Bugera V22.

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