I made this song in guitar pro, and exported it for your listening pleasure. Please, feel free to come up with lyrics for this song and share the finished product with me. This is my 12th song I made on guitar pro, and the 1st that i actually finished. The vocal track isn't that great, but hopefully you'll like this song and give me feedback.

Note: The verses are shorter than they were meant to be. they're supposed to be twice as long as they are. I would've fixed it, but it would mix up my song, so I'll save that for later.

-1st Edit: it turns, out, this isn't finished because I forgot drums, but its virtually finished, considering it has all parts of the standard song in it.

-2nd Edit: Re-uploaded, with new solo and one cymbal throughout the entire song

-3rd Edit: Drums added. I'm revising the vocals in the future, then it should be done.

-4th Edit: New chorus vocals, the 3rd chorus is twice as long, and added a small section after that. This is the last edit, because I believe that this song is 100% complete now.
Untitled 12.gp5
Untitled 12.mid
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it's hard to tell what the sound will sound like but it's sound really good all you need is some drums and bass to go with and i think it could sound pretty good, if your interested i wouldn't mind helping composing it with you and eventually record it

check out some of my recordings i think you might enjoy them the style seems quite similar

i use guitar pro too so if you agree it would be easy to compose and send to each other


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