Alright, so here's the deal. I was almost ready to buy the Line6 pocket pod. I'm taking a guitar class in school, and I'll need it to play in class (There cant be 30 kids all using amps). It seemed perfect. Portable, tons of different tons, I can plug in my iPod to jam along with, runs of just double AA batteries. It was also for the right price, $155. I thought of the boss micro, but it was like $300 or something.

But I found a boss micro on amazon for $180, so now its an opition.

I don't really need to record (Im gonna get a ZoomG9.2tt and Cubase for that) right now, so I'm mostly looking at sound quality, and variety of different sounds. I would probably have some fun with the recording, but it's not a necessity.

Short version:

If I just want to mostly practice and jam out, is the Line 6 a better option over the Boss Micro?
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I would choose the pocket POD for the fx quality and the features. The mcro was ok......

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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I'd also go with the POD over the Boss.
Alright cool. So far 2 vs 0

Also, the Boss would come closer to $200+
Alright sorryguys but im gonna bump this one more time. Would be great to get some more opinions. thanks
If you think a drum/bass rhythm feature would be useful then add the Pandora PX4D to your list. It has some pretty cool synth FX as well. The drawback is that the FX don't have as many editable features as most multifx. But it's very compact and can attach to your guitar strap as a headphone amp.