Looks cool. Quality in BC Riches seems to not be a high point around here, from what I've gathered.
dave ellefson played a bc rich mockingbird on megadeth's peace sells album, which i think is a kickass tone.
i havent even heard any others (from what i know) though
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Quality on BC Riches in my opinion is iffy at best. Their higher end models are ok, but I find the looks too over the top and most of them are uncomfortable. Never had the chance to play a zombie, but judging from the BC Rich basses I've played (mockingbird, widow, and ironbird), they're nothing special (unless you like the look).
Low end B.C. Riches like the Bronze series are often terrible, but once you hit the $600+ models they're awesome.
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Hello, I have an exotic classic 5string zombie.

Since buying it, it has become my main bass.
It is beautiful in every way.
However, its VERY heavy and it's impossible to play sitting down due to pointy bits everywhere.

I would highly recommend it.
any other opinions?...preferably from people who own it or similar caliber BC riches