Hey guys I have a few questions

1) Whats the difference between Interfaces and Mixers?
2) Can you hook interfaces directly into the computer?
3) I have cubase should I get an interface or mixer? I would be using it for recording Drums (6-7mics) and guitar (1-2) mics

Thanks guys I appreciate it.
hopefully im right here: interfaces are just a means of getting the analog singal from your guitar, converted to digital so you can go through a computer. mixers are those big hunks of junk with faders that allow you to individullay adjust the level of each istrument you record (as long as their on seperate tracks). im pretty sure the point of interfaces are to run em through to a computer.
you can also have online mixers, but you have to adjust everything with a mouse which sucks. i guess if you have cubase its all about preference. would you rather send all your instruments though a mixer then have a stero file on your omcputer or would you rather record onto your program and mix it there?

i personally prefer to mix with my hands
I was thinking of recording each instrument separate into Cubase and then layering them and mixing them on the computer (Cubase)
then youre going to need an interface. im not sure how much they go for. i think it goes by how many inputs it needs. then thats where you get into the mixer thing. if you dont have enugh inputs on the interface you can run all your instruments via mixer (which isnt a recorder its just a medium that can pan the sounds) and bring it into cubase. but THEN youd only have a Left and Right.....ha this **** gets confusing.