My Crate MX120R stopped working. I ahven't played it in awhile and I went to turn it on the otehr day. No sound, other than an ungodly fuzz when I turn it on to a certain volume.

The only thing in my setup is my guitar, into an NS-2, into the amp. Tried both cables, tried taking the pedal out. Nothing.

While it would be nice to fix it, I was looking into a new amp anyway. Probably a tube combo, or something like that.

I was considering a Bugera amp if at all possible, though none of the ones I'm considering seem to be listed online. I know my local guitar center has it, and I intend to try it out.

Does anyone have suggestions for a new, cheaper tube amp? I would say 600 is the max to pay, give or take, though I'm not entirely sure.
I have a gibson les paul, if that is going to change anyone's mind about the amp.
Mostly I play alternative and metal. Taking a lot of influence from Coheed at the moment, but I listen to anything from Bright Eyes and the Beatles to Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium.
A nice clean would be nice but primarily a good overdrive/distortion is what I'm looking for.

And if anyone knows what might be wrong with the amp I could look into that, though I've wanted to try another one anyway.
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Yeah, sounds like your amp went bye bye.

Bugera's have some good tone but have had reliability issues, especially the 333 series.

I'd look for a used Peavey XXX, 5150, 6505+, or a new Vypyr 60 or B52 AT.

I'm not sure exactly where you are but I found some stuff on the Boston craigslist.

Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401 combo $400

Line 6 Flextone II $295

Peavey Valveking 100 head $300 (needs cab)

Laney VC30 $500

1973 Ampeg G-212 $300 ;shrug:

Traynor YBA-3 $650