Poll: As a brand overall, fender or epiphone
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7 64%
4 36%
Voters: 11.
hey guys, my friend and i were having this arguement of which brand is just better overall. i say fender is better and he says epiphone. what do u guys think?
Better in what way, quality?
Fender makes many different instruments that varies alot in quality. I don't think an Epiphone matches the quality of a CS Fender. If you're wondering about which one gives the better sound, I guess that's an opinion thing on what music/instruments you like to play.
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I'd take an Epiphone Elitist LP over a Mexican Fender Strat, but I'd take an American Telecaster Deluxe over a Special II any day.
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I'm going to assume you mean Mexican made fender instruments, any stock American made guitar is going to be higher quality than one made in China.

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