im prolly breaking a rule but nobody in the recording forum wants to give any feedback so ill put it in the pit

take a listen to my bands first recording its pretty rough but were excited about it.

its our heaviest song so i figured UG might actually like it. feedback please.
I like it

Obviously, better recording and not making mistakes in them would be a plus, but I like you guys
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im prolly breaking a rule
You are.

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The object of the recording forum is go give others feedback in exchange for their feedback. It's like a circle. If no one posted in your thread, I'm pretty sure you didn't post in any others.
Good advice. TS, do this. ^
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Not bad. Nice classic rock feel to you guys.

A better recording would do you guys a lot of justice also I might just be spoiled with an awesome drummer but the beat was kinda boring.
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