I searched and found nothing, so I decided to make a thread for people who want to learn how to do something advance on guitar like sweeps but don't know how to practice them, sorry if there is already something like this
Feel free to add stuff I can't do, like String Skipping or Advance Tremolo.
The main reason I made this is to help people get started on the advance guitar techniques of there choosing, so they can start out slow. It is also great for building finger strength, stamina, and coordination

Hope it helps!
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this wont help out anyone looking for arpeggio **** for free... but if you want to master sweeps/arpeggios... look for andy martin's "guitar arpeggio encyclopedia" its 240 pages full of them. can't remember if its hal leonard or mel bay. but you can get it off of w/e website it is on. i highly doubt you'll find anything more informative then that for arp's.
There's plenty of resources for learning and practicing advanced guitar techniques on this site. You'll find them located in the Guitar Techniques sub-forum, as well as in the lessons section of the website. I'd say you've just looked in all the wrong places.
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