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What theme do you have for your firefox browser???

Me? I just chill with the default one.

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What theme do you have for your firefox browser???

Me? I just chill with the default one.

isn´t yuriloli banned in some states?
I think its considered as visual child pornography.

I have the theme that my Windows XP system has lol.
"Black gives way to more black."

I have UG Black Style and I can barely read my signature.

Also, I like black.

Pitch Dark 3.5.0 with small icons
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Legend of Zelda theme
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I used to use the black and red one, but now I use Opera.
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i use a safari one lol

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After dark: Blue... it complements the default blue windows xp design well.
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Ugly Poop Colored Text

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I have none. I don't know how to change it.
StrataGlass 4.0...

Looks sexy in windows 7
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back when i had it i used the IE theme lol

now i use google chrome. i destroyed firefox when i put too many add-ons on it. i'll probably reinstall it when i get windows 7 though.
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Legend of Zelda theme

dear god......
now i have it lol

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most definitely this. its the best theme of all time.

although i just turned my wallpaper/windows purple, so i wish i could get a purpleshift.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Super Mario theme > Zelda theme
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Mine's called Gradient iCool. Really nice black and blue theme which goes well with the Windows XP bar at the bottom.
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I use google chome...I have the google chrome theme....

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I have 4 different browsers on my comp and I only use Google Chrome Firefos is just default though.
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It was default, until I saw this thread, which inspired me into further procrastination, so it is now dragon-themed with flamey text.
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On desktop, Aero Fox, i think (the black and blue one
Laptop is office 2007 theme
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