Hi! Basically I have about £600-900 to spend on a new guitar, so try keep in that price range. I play all kinds of rock; I love to play solo's and would prefer to have a kinda lead guitar over a rhythm guitar, but obviously I sometimes play rhythm so it would have to be good at that.

If you want ideas of bands I play, think Turbonegro (mostly), Guns N' Roses, The Stooges, Outcry Collective, etc. So mostly punkish kind of rock, but most of the time I just mess around on the scales and try create my own kinda solos and riffs.

Here's some clips of the tone I want:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH9WY3YtV4g (from 0:25~ hear that solo intro thing)

As you can see/hear most of them use les pauls. The question is which les paul shall I get?

I prefer white guitars and I really would like a white guitar due to problems I had with my black one, so I've been looking at http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Alpine-White-Gold-Hardware/9T2

Anyway, suggestions appreciated and also, what kind of effects/amps might I also need to get that sort of tone (my current amp does NOT matter, so please don't ask me what my amp is :p).

Peace. Thanks.
Personally i wouldn't touch a Gibson these days, the quality control has gone through the floor on anything other than the custom line so it's a hit or miss with what you get, but from what i've read these days it's a lot more misses...

If you still want the Les Paul shape i'd look into either the LTD Delux EC-1000 or a Hagstrom Swede, both do the rock thing brilliantly. The LTD doesn't come in white but does come in a mad flame top, unfortunatly it's a little bit over what you're asking, the Hagstrom Swede however does come in white and is under budget

If you're dead set on getting a Gibson though, your best bet would to go on ebay or something of the sort and get an older one for cheap, or look into getting a second hand Burny or Tokai, both those brands pull off the Gibson vibe very well
What exactly is the problem with Gibsons quality control??

Thanks for the post btw!
Look at the vid on this
Talk to him about what you want and look at the custom shop page.
He's going to build me a LP soon (a white one), well within your budget. No need to settle for a Gibson cut-price any more.
But if a bespoke is not your thing, an SG would be better than one of the cheaper Les Pauls.

Edit: Very British sound. Hiwatt amp, combo or 1/2 stack will get it. clip two is just a wah of some kind.
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I must admit that the fact of a custom built guitar sounds really sweet. It's just I don't know what pickups/wood/etc I'd be after. Basically I'm after a les paul, preferably white, to achieve a really nice tone similar to the one in the vids. Some kind of classic les paul lead tone is what I want.
Why would the SG be better than a les paul? I've never really liked the feel/look/sound of SG's, I much prefer les pauls.
Quote by dotheFlop
Why would the SG be better than a les paul? I've never really liked the feel/look/sound of SG's, I much prefer les pauls.

Then an SG would obviously not be better for you. You shouldn't buy something you don't like because someone told you it was better. At the end of the day, you want a guitar that feels good, looks good and of course sounds good to you.
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Thanks Rocker! Yeah, I'm planning to go my local store and try out gibson les paul studios and gibson sg special faded to compare 'em.

A question: What exactly is the problem with Gibsons quality control? Because my local stores are generally alot more pricier (I'm talking £100-200 more for the sake of buying one locally) than I could buy one on a online website for (the same, brand new guitar) so what should I do? I was thinking about testing one at my local stores, and then buying one for much cheaper online? But what about the "quality control" thing, should I be worried? What should I look out for?

Here's a few things that will help us determine what you want.

Gauge of strings
Fret height and width
Neck size
Neck shape
Neck stiffness
Nut material
Action at nut

Also, Don't listen to people bashing Gibson. UG is very biased against them. (No, I haven't played a Gibson lately but the last one I played was a good instrument and that was a few months ago)
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