I'm having some issues with my computer and to solve it I am planning on using my guitar amp plugged into computer via a boss gt 10 which is attached via USB instead of computer speakers. Or to put it simpler I want my computers sounds etc to come out of the guitar amp.

I believe this is possible as I once accidentally caused it to happen but I don't want to fiddle around too much incase I lose a song I been working on with keyboard (my laptop won't save midi patches and i dont particulary want to have to change every instrument back to its right sound etc).

Help much appreciated
Plug the output of yoru soundcard into the amp

You may need some kind of converter. 6,3mm <-> 3,5mm jack.
be very careful, any bass/sub content will most likely wreck the speaker.

guitar amps are not meant to be used that way.
and i'm sure you will have impedence or humming/buzz problems.
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Control Panel ->
Sounds and Audio Devices->
Under Sound playback, change the default device to your Boss GT 10.
I'm currently using my Digitech RP250 to do the same exact thing that you want to do :P
Whenever you plug it in, it should automatically change to your Boss pedal, and when you unplug it, it should change back to your normal computer speakers, so I don't think you'll have to change it every time you plug in your pedal.
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I've been using my guitar amp as my laptop speaker for ages. My Cube 30X has an AUX in for ipods and stuff like that. It is the 1/8" jack. I just have a cable from the headphone jack on my laptop going into my amp.
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I actually picked up 2 Fender Frontman 15R's (1 from a Pawn Shop - 1 from Ebay) and used them for a long time as my computer speakers for my Amp Sims. Now I'm using a killer Altec Lansing sub-woofer system although I do use the Frontman pair too at times.
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