Poll: Jimmy94 v whitenihilist
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14 45%
17 55%
Voters: 31.
Great playing from both of you but I like jimmy94's track a little more.
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It's so hard to pick, both tracks are so amazing.

Jimmy does a great job of SRV style blues, but wn's track is so cohesive with the backing track and solo.

I choose whitenihilist's, because it sounds like a song I would listen to on a regular basis more than Jimmy's.

Either way, good luck to you both.
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Jimmy 94 , your guitar playing is great and I love the feeling and the chords , really perfect, a little bit jazzy ....

Nihilist, your playing is awesome, and the sound also very cool...

Hard to choose guys but I think I'll go with Jimmy because of the jazzy feeling and the very little effect and also because I prefer original backing tracks.
Hard one as they are both awesome, but Jimmy just got the edge for me
Has to be Whitenihilist. Very bluesy, and melodic playing. Kept me interested the whole time. Great job!
I voted for Whitenihilist, too. The playing on both touched my soul, seriously. I was feeling Whitenihilist's just a bit more, though.
Damn, tied up 12-12.

Great duel nihilist, good luck to you here on the home stretch!
Holy sh!t...26 votes and it's 13:13 - this one's hot!
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WN got it for me - very cool
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good duel, came down to the very end. congratulations nihilist and good luck in the final.