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Voters: 16.
Great track strawforest, I love the atmosphere with all that reverb and great playing of course! You misspelled your name in the poll btw.

As usual I wrote&played everything myself except for the drums, which I programmed. Also I'm glad I went for some heavier blues rock again, that way we have a nice contrasted duel.

Good luck to everyone!
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strawforest - It sounds like the timing is consistently off the entire song, making me think you need to move the tracks to compensate for latency inherent to the recording process. Great mood, great tone, great phrasing. Your chords are very well chosen throughout. I was waiting for a lick to come out and take my head off, but it never came. Overall, well done song as usual

nico - Great opening to the track and I love the palm muted rhythm. The lead is great and the half time section was a great mix up to throw in there.

This is a tough one... I'll have to think on it some more.
Cheers for the feedback Jimmy! I didn't get round to finishing the track off in time so this is a work in progress really (another guitar track is due on it with a main solo from 1:25-1:50). I'm not happy using the same old backing track again either, I need to invest in drums or a decent drumming program (I detest backing tracks).

Which part is off-time or is all of it out? Too late or early? I thought it was all in time

Oh and good luck Nico, an excellently crafted and executed track!
it sounds like the entire track, it's most noticeable in the rhythm track to me. Seems a tad late consistently, most noticeable with the three note lead ins to the 1 beat of the measure.

My recording stuff always has a very slight latency recording so I always have to go in and move the tracks into the correct place... it's such a pain in the ass and is difficult to get exactly right.

I may be wrong though and it's just my ears/head ****ing with me again
Ah, I know which bit your on about. It's deliberate, there to keep my fingers occupied before I struck out the upcoming chord, a time-keeping habit of mine if anything. If I played the lead-in notes sooner, the chords wouldn't have been able to be left to ring out as long as I wanted. I could've recorded the lead-in notes as a seperate track but I prefer to do the whole rhythm track in one bash (for simplicity rather than laziness), then I dance over it afterwards with as few extra tracks or dubs as needed. But anyway, it's supposed to be there and at least it's consistant! I (fortunately) rarely have to adjust my tracks for any latency, if the timing is off then it'll be me playing out of time.
Both tracks are great ! and I think I am gonna vote "heads or tails "....

I understand the problems of latency , I also had some with CUBASE with my old speakers that sent back the track while I was recording it . Now I have changed my speakers for another (Bose) and the track I am recording is not sent back (I only can hear the backing tracks) and I don't know if it is the real reason but I have no latency anymore ...

have to listen to your lovely songs again guys ...
I finaly go (tempest in my head) with Nico because I think His composition is the most original of the two , but both tracks are really good.
As Jazzman pointed out that he didn't like the first solo: There really is only one solo. That thing in the beginning with the rotary effect and a lots of octaves was meant to be much quieter in the mix, but I panned it left and my left speaker was broken (which I didn't notice until after I submitted...) so go figure...
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Aff they are both awesome, but after much deliberation I plumped for Nico - mainly swayed by his bass line It was pretty darn close though.
Went with Nico. There was great variety in there and the general groove was very cool.

Liked Straw's track as well - it was nice and laid back and very atmospheric.
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I went with Nico, too. Loved the opening licks and the groove!

Stra's was beautiful, though.
Quote by strawforest007
Nice one Nico, a convincing victory! You can't beat blues-rock when it's done this well.

Thanks a lot, dude! I really gave it my best shot this time, which is necessary against such a strong player. Now I have to think really hard about what I'm going to do for the final - that won't be easy at all..
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