In the next month or so, I should be playing a solo gig in a local bar/café. I've got a bunch of covers pretty sorted, I've recorded some and chucked em on Youtube/facebook, I'm happy with them. I have been writing songs for the past two years, but I'm only tentatively OK with about four of them, and even them, I wouldn't be comfortable with playing in public. Is this normal, or a sign that they're not actually very good at all?

Also - in a bar, what is a decent ratio of coversriginals?
well that means you have standards. If you don't like some of your songs, but like others, that's good, they're probably not as good as your other songs..

as for ratio
you can't really mix the two, you need to either have a cover set or an original set.
Original sets leave room for the odd cover
Cover sets on the other hand should be all covers.
Work on your originals until you're satisfied.

And cover sets can have originals in them, of course. UltimateDud is being a silly manurehead.

Just slip the song in the set where you think it'll fit, and after you finish your original song, watch for the reaction, if people look interested, or if someone asks you what song that is, tell them it's your song.

If they look like they don't care for it, or if they're displeased, don't tell them what it was and just carry on with another cover.
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UltimateDud is being a silly manurehead.

Yeah don't announce you're gonna do an original, tell them about it after you've done it. If they don't know your band well, covers are good to get their attention at the start.

They'll be like "hey I like this song, I'll stay and listen to this... Woah it changed, ohoo I like this song too, I wonder who its by"

and you'll be like" first up that was a Classic Beatles number, then we tested out one of our own songs called "Great song that sounds inspired by the covered band"

and they'll be like "hey cool, I like that band, I'll probably like more of these guys too. It's cool more of this stuff is coming out.."

or whatever. That's generally what I think about as an audience member...
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