Hello again guitar technique forums! I'm back with another problem! (fun for you :P)

Anyways, I've recently started learning Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow by Bullet For My Valentine and in the song there is a tapping solo. Now I can do the tapping solo but the sound isn't sharp or clear enough, it just has this dull sound while in the actual song it has a nice clear sharp sound. So I was wondering exactly how do I get my tapping to sound clearer and sharper?
slow it down and go through it logically to see where there could be more clarity. Your amp settings could change that a bit but I'm guessing it's more a technique thing? You can even write down/illustrate when each finger is meant to come on and off, maybe you're not in perfect sync and there's gaps or muted bits or something, if you write it down it's easier to see.
make sure your giving each note the right time and hammering and pulling off strong enough
this may sound a bit odd, but are you wearng sth with long sleeves?
If yes, make sure that the sleeve isn't touching the string behind your hand

I made a short video.. one thing I must point out I KNOW IT SUCKS! I wasn't trying to do the solo perfectly nor was I worry about accidentally hitting other strings, I was just tapping the general idea of the solo to show.

I think the source is coming from my left hand not tapping the ninth fret fast enough since it slowly starts to lock up and it gets much slower. So any suggestions on how to fix my tapping will be greatly greatly appreciated
Maybe its the settings on your amp or something. A lot of gain and midds will help ,overdrive will make tapping sound really nice.
I watched your video. Basically, slow down and make sure every time you hammer onto the string, you follow that with a defined and clear 'flick' off the string, basically imitating the stroke of a pick. I could see especially that all you were doing with your tapping hand was literally 'tapping.' I think the name of the technique can be a bit confusing, because you should actually be tapping and then flicking the string downward/upward when removing your finger.