I play Metal and heavy Rock ratherr often..
Kinda wanting to learn something neww,
Even if it's metal stilll.. just something that's cool!

I have an acoustic so i'll learn any acoustic songg aswell,
But I don't wanna learn one fo those acoustic songs thats based around 3 or 4 chords all the way through.. just strumming and strumming.

Anyone got any ideas?
Even cool licks to learn would be cool! Maybe that'll widen my horizon when it comes to playing..
I put a spell on you CCR version' solo...... magic... im learning right now and i really like the E on the 3º string bendigs part...
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Mmmmm, forgot about Halo - Machine Head, i love that song..

Okayy, that's added to my list, what else is there i wonder..
Write you own instead. It's fun to learn other people's songs, but it's better and more enjoyable to write your own.
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learn: Unsung - Helmet
I may not have a brain, gentlemen, but I have an idea...
Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth or as everyone else is saying make up your own. Its really fun just to screw around with some scales and what not
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